All of us at some time or other face the problem of scars specially on the prominent areas . like face ,forearms,upper chest ,etc.
Scientific basis :

Why do  we get scars ?
In simple words to summarize ,scar basically is the body's way to repair the area where normal covering i.e skin is damaged. when we sustain injury body gets a message from the injured area in form of pain and body,s repair machanism is set to action.while the skin is being repaired it actually is over repaired sometimes so that scar grows more than the initial injury.we call this as keloid. normal repair leaves a spot or mark which is different than the surrounding color of skin either it can be dark or be light depending upon the injury 's burn marks when deep burn the melanin also so that area becomes lighter than surrounding skin.

what different types of tretment options we have to treat the scars.

1. Medical treatment:after injury if proper medications are applied over the injured area,we get a smaller and clear scar which very finely blends into normal skin. but most of the times we are not able to get appropriate results.

2. Plastic surgery: Before the era of ablative lasers we only had the option of plastic surgery ,where skin is taken from other healthy part and is transplanted over the scar area,or by mechanical means like saline baloons which are placed under the skin,we stretch the normal skin in vicinity of scar which grow infew months and finally scar tissue is excised and normal surrounding skin takes it's place.

3. Now technology has after a long reserch given us certain tools in lasers which now can modify the scarred skin and can lead to smaller and acceptable scars with colors blending nearly with normal skin.

At blossom we are using state of the art technique from alma i.e fractional  laser .

scar types which can be treated with latest techniques are as follows

1. Acne scars :pricking over active acne can lead to very small sharp scars on the body especially face where we can see lots of pits and elevated areas .these scars although very difficult to treat with old conventional dermabrasion can now easily be treated with fractional lasers with results as good as 65-75% improvement in texture of skin.and evenness.

2. Injury marks :scars associated with injury can also be treated easily with fractional lasers

3. Burn marks

4. Small pox scars ,are akin acne scars

5. keloids i.e very thick hypertrophied scars

6. Post operative marks

Pre Treatment:

Consultation with your laser expert will tell wether your scars are treatable or not and if treatable than to what extent?
after proper consultation certain medicines are prescribed which prepare your skin for the laser treatment.these medicines are started at least 1 week prior to the day of tretment.
precautins remain the same as discussed on hair removal section.
The procedure : laser treatment for scars is painful. because upper layers of your skin are evaporated/ablated by laser .but need not to worry b'cause we have very good anesthetic creams athand which are applied at least 1 hr. before the procedure and you get whole of the area under treatment you dont feel any kind of pain over the area to be treated .
immidiately after the procedure your skin is cooled with ice or contact cooling .
you get redness after the procedure depending upon the depth and shape of scars you have. area can remain red for 24-36 hours and it can give you slight stinging sensation also as if you have got sunburn.

After Procedure :

You are prescribed certain oral and topical medications which are applied over the treated area strictly  as told by your laser consultatant.
1. Strictly avoid sunlight for at least 4 weeks after the procedure .

2. Sunscreen with spf at least 50. should be applied 4 hrly .

3. Clean your face every 4 hrly before applying sunscreen every time

.4. Do not apply facial medications without asking your specialist.

Side effects  :

In expert hands virtually scar treatment with laser remains a very safe procedure.
but even than following are the possible complications
1. New scars ,overtreatment can lead to deepning of scars or irregular scarring

2. keloids ,few people who have tendency for bigger and thick scars after injury can lead to scarring after treatment.

3. Pigmentation some patients can have dark pigmented spots over the treated area ,known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

most common in people who have dark complexion .although treatable and full recovery is there but it has various psychological implications .so proper councelling is must.